​Did you survive the first weekend of March Madness?
16 teams remaining
32,768 possible outcomes
Find out if you still have a chance to win.

Get the Free Bracket Analysis App available in the Microsoft Store
(Available for Windows 10 and Windows 11) 


This app will find all the remaining scenarios. It will show all the brackets that could still win or tie and how many scenarios where they will win or tie.

You will know all of the must win games for each bracket. If any of these teams lose, then that bracket will be eliminated.

Not all scenarios are equally likely, so you may be interested in the probability of winning. This app will allow you to modify probabilities for individual games.

It will use those individual game probabilities to calculate the overall probability and odds against for each bracket.

Many pools will award prizes to 2nd or 3rd place. So you may be eliminated from winning, but you could still win a prize. This app will let you know the best and worst finishes for each bracket.

All of the above summaries can be exported as PDFs. Making it easy to share the results with the other people in your pool.

In addition to the summaries, there are also detailed spreadsheets for the winners, ties, and user picks. And they can be exported as Excel files.

This app isn't just for the sweet sixteen. You can update the results after each game is completed. So you can have up to the minute information about what teams you need to be rooting for.

The must win games could change after games are completed. Current must win games won't disappear until the game is over, but new ones could show up. The outcome of one game could mean that a different game becomes a must win game. With this app you will know exactly which games those are.

When calculating the overall probabilities, this app treats the outcomes of individual games as independent events. For future games where neither team has been decided yet, both outcomes will be given a probability of 50%. Once one of those teams has been decided, you will be able to enter a probability for that game.

The maximum number of rows this app can export is 100,000. So once the total rows is below that number, you can export the details for each scenario as an excel file.